"Verily a seed grows in soft ground and does not grow on stone, in the same way that wisdom thrives in the heart of the humble and does not thrive in the heart of the proud and haughty, because God has made humbleness the instrument of the intellect."

Imām Mūsa ibn Ja‘far al-Kādhim  (via alscientist)

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that disappointing moment when you grab a beautiful maxi skirt but realize it has slits and you can almost hear shaytaan laughing at you

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This dunya wont ever let you choose Islam, I’ve realized. To follow Islam the right way, the way of the prophets, you have to distance yourself from the temptations. You have to accept that very few will understand and even less will like you. You have to be ok with standing out. Hold tight onto whatever faith you have, and continue to live for the eternal life of the Akhira.

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When everyone says Aaaaaaaameeen in a Masjid it feels magical.

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Child of Adam, you were not made of light like the Angels, nor were you made of smokeless fire as the Jinn were. So do not attempt to be perfect, rather pursue perfection. & control the fire that rages within you and do not allow it to consume you. Child of Adam, you were created from the earth; humble yourself.

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“May Allah make us from amongst those who brighten up another persons path with happiness, even when our own is clouded with darkness”

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